The Civil Guard blocks 23 websites for downloading movies and games

The Civil Guard blocks 23 websites for downloading movies and games

Divxtotal, Gamestorrents and Estrenosdtl, among others, gave access to P2P links for direct download of all kinds of protected audiovisual material, in some cases without having been released in Spain yet

    The Civil Guard has announced on Tuesday that it has launched a campaign to block websites downloading content protected by copyright with the blocking of 23 web pages that link free of charge to sites where movies, series, music and video games were downloaded. .

In this first phase of the 'Cascada' operation, which is led by the Central Operational Unit (UCO), a total of 23 web domains have been blocked from which P2P links were directly downloaded from all types of protected audiovisual material. in some cases without having been released in Spain yet.

    According to the Guardia Civil, the blocked websites, including, or, offered high quality versions of films available on the cinema billboards of our country, without even having They were put on sale in physical or digital format and dubbed with audio in several languages.

Most of the web pages investigated had very high rates of daily visits, some of them being the best known and used in our country to download illegally and free of charge, all kinds of protected audiovisual material. These domains were created in the beginning by a person of Spanish origin, who then sold them to a company based in Argentina, current owner and administrator thereof.

     According to the researchers, those responsible for these pages used various methods to avoid closing or blocking such as hiding the actual location of their servers and the registration data of the contracted domains, even to the constant change of the location of their servers in several countries .

The Department of Telematic Crimes of the UCO has detected cases in which domains previously blocked judicially, were reactivated in a matter of hours, with virtually identical domain names or even changing only the extension of the same.


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