The addiction of the Spaniards to the mobile does not cease

The addiction of the Spaniards to the mobile does not cease

Three out of four Spaniards say they could not live without a cell phone

    The smartphone is one of the devices with more presence in the pockets of the Spanish and the Spanish. Specifically, nine out of ten Spaniards have a mobile phone, according to data from the CNMC.

Device that has become an essential tool, since three of every four Spaniards affirm that they could not live without it, according to the "IV Study of Online Comparison towards Smart Saving", carried out by

Leisure, communication and entertainment are some of the most frequent uses of smartphones. However, the need for these devices has led to an increase of more than ten percentage points when it comes to encrypting their dependence.

      In 2016, smartphone dependence stood at 17.7%, now that figure stands at 28.3% or what is the same, almost three out of ten Spaniards claim to be addicted to their terminal.

In this sense, 44% of the population claims to be on the phone when they are with friends, family and even with their partner and up to 52.2% say that looking at the mobile is the first and the last thing they do every day. Moreover, even 16.6% look at the mobile when driving, a figure that in 2016 stood at 13.6%.

"The mobile phone has been integrated into our life to such an extent that many users do not conceive their day to day without using it at some time. To avoid pathologies derived from an abusive use of it, it is essential to be aware of the real use we make of our smartphone and to try, therefore, to be responsible with it ", highlights Álvaro Bas, director of business development at .

Spaniards calculate that they spend an average of 3 hours and 22 minutes a day using their mobile phone actively, but this data is the lowest of the last three years and only in the last year has been reduced by 52 minutes, which puts It is clear that the population is starting to make more responsible use of these devices.

The users with a more active profile of mobile phone use are young people between 18 and 24 years old, where the average daily hours amount to 5 hours and 25 minutes (two hours more than the national average), in contrast to the adults over 55 and 65 years old (2 hours and 18 minutes).

However, the time of use of the mobile phone in the youngest has been reduced by one hour and 23 minutes compared to the average of the previous year, which shows that this generation is trying to make more responsible use of their devices mobile


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