Flowkey, the method to learn to play the piano online

Flowkey, the method to learn to play the piano online

The application created by German entrepreneurs facilitates the learning of this instrument with simple tutorials based on the favorite songs of each user

     Playing the piano is a complicated task, but technology can help. That is the idea of Flowkey, a new app that facilitates the user learning and is suitable for people who have never been in front of a roof as for intermediate and advanced musicians.

The biggest advantage is that it allows you to learn to play piano directly through songs. In its platform it has a wide repertoire so the user can start from the beginning to play the piano with their favorite songs. From flowkey they assure that each tutorial has been realized by "professional pianists of first level".

     Also, the platform has interactive lessons on notes, chords, technique, improvisation and many more aspects related to the piano and music in general. The app is available for iPhone mobile phones, Android tablets, iPad and web version.

How to start
The user only has to register on the website to have access to a free first trial lessons. It is he who chooses if he starts with more advanced songs and classes or by the most basic theory for those who do not have previous knowledge of piano.

The app helps the user to repeat in a practical way with his own keyboard the technique or part of the melody that he has previously listened to. When the correct note is played, the score moves on to the next one through an audio recognition with the microphone of the device.

The platform is compatible with any type of keyboard because it does not need cables and recognizes the notes that are played on the piano through the microphone of the device or MIDI connection. This allows the software to provide instant feedback as the user touches.

Other important features are the 'Wait Mode', the song advances as you play the correct note; Loop or Loop, you can select a fragment of the song to repeat it and exercise it; as well as various speed exercises or the possibility of practicing focusing on each hand separately.

The free version includes access to eight catalog songs and several courses. In order to have access to all the lessons and songs, a Premium subscription is needed from 10 euros per month.


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