Chinese mobiles colonize the Spanish market

Chinese mobiles colonize the Spanish market

Samsung keeps its crown, but Huawei cuts distances | One in three smartphones sold is from a Chinese firm

     In 2014, the percentage of Chinese mobile phones in Spain was only 21%, now the percentage has increased 14 percentage points to 35%. This figure means that one out of every three phones sold in national stores are 'made in China' , according to a study by

In 2016, Huawei positioned itself as the undisputed leader, covering more than half of the demand for Chinese mobile phones (53%), followed by Xiaomi (10%), Motorola (9%) and ZTE (7%).

Last year, Huawei continued to be the company preferred by the Spanish, although its weight has fallen slightly (48%), while the demand for Xiaomi mobile phones has shot up to cover 27%, growing by 17 percentage points. In addition, Honor, the Huawei brand of mid-range, entered stomping in the ranking of the most desired Chinese manufacturers in Spain, with 6% searches in 2017.

     Chinese smartphones continue to gain strength in the Spanish market, thanks to the good value for money offered by them," says Adrián Amorín, Country Manager of idealo.

Regarding the total mobile market in Spain, Samsung is proclaimed the undisputed leader in searches for smartphones in Spain, with a demand of 34%, followed by Huawei, with 17%, Apple with 11%, Xiaomi with 10% and the Spanish bq with 5%, which remains in the top 5.


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